A Global Responsible Tax Response

Tread Carefully. Don’t Rush To Tax. There is a Better Future.

Thank you so much to all those who joined the Jericho Conversation on Who Pays & How? A Global Responsible Tax Response – with Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy & Administration, OECD; Femke Groothuis, Founder & President, Ex’Tax Project; Chris Morgan, Global Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG; and Robert Palmer, Executive Director, Tax Justice UK.

“In order for countries to be more sovereign and national on tax, they will need more multilateral co-operation. This is the Tax Paradox.”

Pascal Saint-Amans

Pascal Saint-Amans on the Tax Paradox

Inclusivity. Consensus. Sustainable Growth. Multilateralism

“The challenges are ones of labor vs. capital; unilateralism vs. co-ordination; direct vs. indirect taxation; the Developing World; greening the system. These issues need to be addressed with real structural reform, regardless of the crisis.”

“The question is not just who pays & how – but when? Later is better … to avoid the same mistakes being made that were made in the 2008 crisis.”

“Global issues demand global answers. Countries should compromise and work with each other; growth and sustainability need to be built together. Developing countries need more tax to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Maybe, in five years’ time, we won’t need to talk about this because it will be a given.”

Femke Groothuis on Sustainability and A Circular Economy

There is no economy without public health and a sustainable future.

“This may not be the time for immediate systemic reforms but we should consider what, in the next crisis, we will wish we had done now? We need a considered, step-by-step approach into a better future.”

“It shouldn’t be about how much profit you make, but on how you turn a profit. If a company is able to do good by society while turning a profit, they should be able to thrive. Doing good and doing well must go hand in hand.”

Chris Morgan on Responsible Tax

CEOs and companies can and should show global leadership for a Responsible Tax future.

“We need tax frameworks that protect the environment and protect the vulnerable.

“Legislation and public pressure is important but CEOs and others need to show real leadership.”

“It’s so important for companies to voluntarily step up to the mark regarding Tax Transparency. Their customers and employees are expecting it. Even more so for those who have been or will be supported by government funding.”

Robert Palmer on A New Tax Deal for Being Better

Cut through the noise and rebuild trust in corporations to demonstrate tax justice.

“We will see increased pressure on governments to not support companies operating in tax havens.”

“There is already huge public anger at tax dodging, but companies who have been seen not to contribute in the good times are now asking for a bailout.”

“Tax partly supports public spending and in the UK there will be more support for more public spending. We need to be investing much more in our care sector, as a priority.”

If you would like to (re-)watch the webinar in full you can do so here.