David Linke

Global Head of Tax and Legal Services

KPMG International

As organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed to new trends in regulation, David Linke leads the Global Tax & Legal network of professionals in its efforts to work with multinational businesses to respond to those demands and create value. As a leading network, KPMG Tax & Legal professionals are focused on bringing our professional experience and acumen, our global capabilities and connectivity and technology-powered solutions to the most complex tax and legal challenges and transformation projects that tax leaders face.

David has extensive experience working with multinational organizations around the world on a range of Tax and Legal matters. With a deep expertise in structuring and cross-border mergers, and a passion for accelerating digitalization within tax, he sees his role as being a catalyst for problem solving to the complex business challenges that leaders face as they navigate the often volatile and constantly changing environment. Having started at KPMG Australia in 1993, David has taken on various roles within the firm, most recently holding the role of Asia Pacific Regional Leader for Tax, as well as the Head of Tax, Deals and Legal for KPMG Australia, where he was responsible for leading a market-leading tax technology and innovation team in Australia.

As tax and legal business leaders strive to evolve their functions for the new complexities they face, David is passionate about the work KPMG professionals do to help tax and legal leaders achieve their targeted operating models, adapt to regulatory change and add more value to the business and beyond.

Areas of expertise
Business and tax reforms 
Corporate Tax
Legal Services 
Public Policy and Regulatory Change 
Research and development
Tax regulation and compliance policies

**Education and qualifications
**Bachelor of Economic
Bachelor of Law

**Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
Fellow of the Tax Institute

David Linke's content

Image of Ireland in a changing world

Ireland in a changing world

Speech by David Linke, Global Head of Tax & Legal Services, KPMG International.

07 Apr 2022
5 min

The evolution of the Base Erosion and Profits Shifting (BEPS) project paves the way for a new era in Responsible Tax

A responsible tax lens on the OECD's BEPS project

23 Feb 2022
2 min
Thumbnail image

Podcast: Responsible Tax and Tax Transformation

In a recent podcast, John Connors, Group Tax Director, Vodafone, sat down with David Linke, Global Head of Tax & Legal Services, KPMG International, on how he is leading the transformation of his tax function for shifting demands and new opportunities.

01 Feb 2022
1 min

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