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Round Table Events

A series of roundtables focused on advancing the global agenda and conversation around Responsible Tax.

As a part of the Global Responsible Tax Project, KPMG International, in partnership with Jericho Chambers, have been hosting a series of roundtables focused on advancing the global agenda and conversation around Responsible Tax. With each roundtable inviting a wide range of global stakeholders, including elected politicians, global institutions, tax and other business leaders, activists, academics, media, and more, these discussions provide a range of voices with varying viewpoints the opportunity to listen, learn, share and develop their thinking on a tax system that can work for all.

Most recently, these roundtables have been held virtually to focus on the business and economic impacts of COVID-19, specifically as we enter into the new reality.

Round table event summaries

Image of Tax, Transparency & ESG Reporting

Tax, Transparency & ESG Reporting

What gets measured, gets managed.

19 Aug 2021
5 min
Image of the world magnified from an aerial viewpoint

Towards an Effective Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

As the world seeks to address climate change, there are various approaches which can be used.

19 Jul 2021
17 min
Image of The impact of carbon pricing and potential effects of a CBAM

The impact of carbon pricing and potential effects of a CBAM

Participants thought that if some countries or regions significantly increase CO2 reduction ambitions but others do not, there is likely to be a significant risk of carbon leakage. While a global approach to creating a minimum carbon price would be best approach, it could be very difficult to achieve.

22 Apr 2021
14 min
Image of Considerations for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Considerations for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

It should be possible to design a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) that is World Trade Organization (WTO) compatible, but this depends upon the whole design of the regime and how it is implemented. Basing a CBAM on an emissions trading system was not a way favored by participants – although some thought it could be made WTO compatible....

25 Mar 2021
12 min
Looking up in the inside of a circular building

Making Carbon Border Adjustment proposals WTO-compliant

KPMG’s Global Responsible Tax Project recently held a roundtable in collaboration with KPMG IMPACT, to look at the technical difficulties of designing a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

25 Mar 2021
1 min
Image of coloured light circles slightly out of focus

New publication explores perspectives on tax policy for the new reality

Introducing Tax policy considerations in the wake of COVID-19 – a summary of Responsible Tax roundtable discussions on potential tax policy responses to the new reality.

18 Dec 2020
2 min
Image of circular lily pads on a pond

Going green: Driving investments with multi-lateral organizations

While the “carrot” of tax incentives may be useful to drive, or even kick start investment into new technology or regions, the recent roundtable discussion confirmed they are not the key issue in unlocking green investment. Similarly, while environmental taxes and reducing fossil fuel subsidies can help redirect investment into green projects, there are already many investors willing to fund...

26 Oct 2020
9 min
Image showing a roundabout in a residential area

Taxing residential land and property to drive the COVID-19 recovery

Authors: Peter Beckett, Tax Partner, KPMG in the UK and James Bryan, Senior Tax Partner, KPMG in the UK 

14 Oct 2020
15 min
Image of a circle clearing in a group of trees

Going green: Economic recovery through the lens of an asset manager

Tax incentives can play a potentially important role in encouraging green investment, but must be transparent and clearly linked to environmental benefits. There is a need to broaden the base of investors which is likely to require mechanisms to reduce risk – for example through blended finance projects. Obtaining tax certainty, especially over the treatment of structures which require intermediate...

10 Sep 2020
7 min
Image of a circle of people standing on a beach

Wealth taxes to fuel the COVID-19 recovery

While there were differing views about the respective merits of net wealth taxes versus gift or estate and inheritance taxes and the need for specific exemptions from such taxes, participants generally agreed that it would be more efficient for tax systems to seek to treat capital income on a more equal footing with earned income and then, generally, either tax...

27 Aug 2020
9 min
Image looking down on a center circle on a sports pitch

Raising tax revenues in pursuit of economic recovery

A broad spectrum of stakeholders had differing views and placed different emphasis on how governments could raise revenue, where necessary, in the wake of the economic situation resulting from COVID-19. There was broad acceptance that progressivity in income taxes could be increased – possibly through a temporary solidarity surcharge. Tax rates on short term capital returns could be increased to...

19 Aug 2020
11 min
Aerial video of a circular structure surrounded by trees

Going green: An institutional investors take on a green recovery

Institutional investors agreed that generally, certainty over the tax cost or duration of any incentives was more important in the investment decision than the actual tax cost. Nevertheless, reducing the tax cost on inward investment and providing transferable research and development credits would encourage investment into green projects – as would reducing current subsidies for fossil fuels. Overall tax risk...

13 Aug 2020
10 min
Image looking up at the sky through a circular building

EU stimulus measures in a post-COVID world

No pressure to reduce corporation tax rates generally; any cost based incentives should be targeted, temporary and timely; multilateral approaches and cooperation are needed to avoid adverse spill overs, tax competition and a growth in compliance and double taxation. There is support of the work of the OECD on Pillars 1 and 2 as well as for a European common...

10 Aug 2020
11 min
Image of looking through a circular tunnel towards an office building

Post-COVID stimulus measures in Africa and the ASPAC region

On 14 July KPMG International and Jericho Chambers sponsored the second in a series of roundtables on tax policy responses to COVID-19. 

10 Aug 2020
6 min
Image of the globe taken from space

Tax after COVID-19: An opportunity to build back better?

The COVID-19 timeline

17 Jun 2020
3 min
Image looking up at a circular stained glass window

What tax policy measures will support economies post-COVID-19?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: The recovery phase

21 May 2020
6 min
Image looking up at the sky through a circular building

What short-term actions will governments take to address challenges arising from COVID-19?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: Reaction and resilience

21 May 2020
8 min
City scape sphere

How will COVID-19 impact the long-term issues for tax policy?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: The new reality

21 May 2020
9 min
Colourful sphere

Tax and Tech Roundtable 29 November 2019

Authors: Neal Lawson and Becky Holloway, Jericho Chambers.

03 Mar 2020
5 min
Image of a digital swirl pattern in the sky

Roundtable on the digitalization of the economy and the future of corporation tax

On 20 June 2019 a roundtable was held in London with a group of tax directors to discuss the digitalization of the economy, the future of corporation tax and the proposals being debated by the OECD Inclusive Framework.

12 Sep 2019
5 min
Image looking through a circular tunnel to a corporate building scene

Brussels Round Table on the Future of Corporation Tax

New and big pressures are building that are going to force change on the global tax system. There are many concerns: growing inequality within countries and the shift of income away from labour to capital which has occurred over the last 50 years; aging populations; how best to tackle climate change; more generally, how to finance the UN Sustainable Development...

02 Aug 2019
11 min


We are grateful to all of our contributors, including:

Ruud de Mooij, Division Chief of the Tax Policy, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund

Ruud de Mooij

Division Chief of the Tax Policy, Fiscal Affairs Department at International Monetary Fund

Sharon Baynham, Director, Tax Policy, KPMG in the UK

Sharon Baynham

Director, Tax Policy at KPMG in the UK

Melissa Geiger, Global Leader, Strategic Corporates, Tax & Legal, KPMG International, and Partner and UK Board Member, KPMG in the UK, KPMG International

Melissa Geiger

Global Leader, Strategic Corporates, Tax & Legal, KPMG International, and Partner and UK Board Member, KPMG in the UK at KPMG International

John Thornhill, Innovation Editor, Financial Times

John Thornhill

Innovation Editor at Financial Times

Edward J. Dodson, Faculty Member, Temple University, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Edward J. Dodson

Faculty Member at Temple University, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Elise Donovan, CEO, BVI Finance

Elise Donovan

CEO at BVI Finance

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