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Round Table Events

A series of roundtables focused on advancing the global agenda and conversation around Responsible Tax.

As a part of the Global Responsible Tax Project, KPMG International, in partnership with Jericho Chambers, have been hosting a series of roundtables focused on advancing the global agenda and conversation around Responsible Tax. With each roundtable inviting a wide range of global stakeholders, including elected politicians, global institutions, tax and other business leaders, activists, academics, media, and more, these discussions provide a range of voices with varying viewpoints the opportunity to listen, learn, share and develop their thinking on a tax system that can work for all.

Most recently, these roundtables have been held virtually to focus on the business and economic impacts of COVID-19, specifically as we enter into the new reality.

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Image of Tax and ESG – The view of investors

Tax and ESG – The view of investors

The ESG agenda is top of mind for many companies and investors and tax reporting is one area that can serve to bring ESG practice to life. However, there is a feeling that existing standards might either be too simplistic or overly challenging for some companies or not appropriate at their stage in a transparency journey. Therefore, the B Team, KMPG International and Jericho have started to focus on how to arrive at tax metrics to support ESG goals that could gain wider buy-in.

16 Jun 2022
6 min
Tax and ESG – The View of ESG experts

Tax and ESG – The View of ESG experts

At the moment there is a dilemma that, on the one hand, some companies consider existing standards for country-by-country type disclosures (e.g., GRI 207) are too challenging, while on the other hand, disclosures required by accounting standards are too high level to give much meaningful information on a company’s tax profile. The B Team, KPMG International and Jericho Chambers have therefore started to focus attention on how to arrive at an approach, or possibly certain tax metrics, to support ESG goals which could gain wider buy-in and encourage a critical mass of companies to become more tax transparent.

08 Feb 2022
6 min
Image of Tax, Transparency & ESG Reporting

Tax, Transparency & ESG Reporting

What gets measured, gets managed.

19 Aug 2021
5 min
Image of the world magnified from an aerial viewpoint

Towards an Effective Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

As the world seeks to address climate change, there are various approaches which can be used.

19 Jul 2021
17 min
Image of The impact of carbon pricing and potential effects of a CBAM

The impact of carbon pricing and potential effects of a CBAM

Participants thought that if some countries or regions significantly increase CO2 reduction ambitions but others do not, there is likely to be a significant risk of carbon leakage. While a global approach to creating a minimum carbon price would be best approach, it could be very difficult to achieve.

22 Apr 2021
14 min


We are grateful to all of our contributors, including:

Chris Morgan, Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG LLP

Chris Morgan

Head of Global Tax Policy at KPMG LLP

Neal Lawson, Author, Jericho Chambers

Neal Lawson

Author at Jericho Chambers

Becky Holloway, Programme Director, Jericho Chambers

Becky Holloway

Programme Director at Jericho Chambers

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