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The evolution of the Base Erosion and Profits Shifting (BEPS) project paves the way for a new era in Responsible Tax

A responsible tax lens on the OECD's BEPS project

23 Feb 2022
2 min
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Why Global Responsible Tax in a Time of Long Economic COVID

We live in extraordinary times. A health pandemic has exposed a number of fault lines in society that many will say existed and needed to be exposed, including, an inequality of wealth and opportunity, the resilience of our institutions, the intergenerational transfer of wealth (in particular will our children enjoy an increased standard of living or are we burdening that...

02 Mar 2021
3 min
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New publication explores KPMG’s commitment to an ESG-focused recovery

Since the beginning of 2020, and despite the tremendous challenges faced since then, organizations globally have been given the chance to reset, rethink and reshape how to make a positive impact on the world around us, with KPMG firms being no exception.

08 Feb 2021
1 min
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Comments on the European Commission’s public consultations on the Energy Tax Directive and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and KPMG’s ESG approach

Authors: Loek Helderman, Global Tax Lead KPMG Impact, Mike Hayes,  KPMG Impact Lead on Climate Change and Decarbonization and Chris Morgan, Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG International 

12 Nov 2020
1 min
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Tax after COVID-19: An opportunity to build back better?

The COVID-19 timeline

17 Jun 2020
3 min
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Who pays and how?

Amid the current economic climate, it is clear that we need to think-through the implications for tax and the Global Responsible Tax Project (GRTP) of COVID-19.

01 May 2020
1 min
Image of Business life after COVID-19: Who pays and how?

Business life after COVID-19: Who pays and how?

A Global Responsible Tax Response Tread Carefully. Don’t Rush To Tax. There is a Better Future.

30 Apr 2020
2 min
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Tax and Tech Roundtable 29 November 2019

Authors: Neal Lawson and Becky Holloway, Jericho Chambers.

03 Mar 2020
5 min
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The Global Responsible Tax Project, Tax and trust

In her article on the challenges facing public trust in our global tax system, in which specific criticism is levelled at the UK’s Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, Dame Margaret Hodge conflates two distinct issues – tax transparency and publicly accessible registers of company beneficial ownership.

22 Nov 2019
4 min
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Responsible Tax – the story so far

Creating a global dialogue on responsible tax, with a new consensus emerging.

23 Sep 2019
4 min
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The Global Responsible Tax Project Newsletter – September 2019

Welcome to the September 2019 newsletter from the Global Responsible Tax project.

12 Sep 2019
3 min
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The European way of digital

In The European Way of Digital: How to make tech work for open societies in Europe, Catherine Fieschi, Executive Director at Counterpoint, and Heather Grabbe, Director at Open Society Foundations, bring together contributions from leading professionals across Europe as they discuss the need for European companies to incorporate digital in a way that serves the public interest and fosters open...

03 Sep 2019
1 min
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An inquiry into the future of corporate taxation in an era of digitization

In this article, Paul Gisby, Senior Manager at Accountancy Europe – shares his views on the first provocation. Understanding the challenges of corporate taxation in a digitized, globalized economy is one of the key focus areas for the Responsible Tax project in 2019. An initial provocation was published in the spring and a Think Piece is scheduled for the autumn. This...

30 Aug 2019
7 min
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Public Tax Reporting - What Can We Learn From Company Experience?

It wasn’t so long ago that corporate tax policy and practice was considered almost exclusively the domain of tax departments and revenue authorities. But this is no longer the case: corporate tax is an issue that is debated and contested firmly within the public sphere. The days of tax as a back office function are over. 

30 Aug 2019
2 min
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Tax and trust

It is often said these days that there is a crisis of trust. Whether that’s a crisis of trust in our media, in our politics, or in our institutions. We at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Responsible Tax have likewise been concerned about trustworthiness, specifically in the context of tax.

14 Aug 2019
2 min
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An inquiry into the future of corporate taxation in an era of digitization

In this article, Dr Charles Enoch, formerly Deputy Director at the International Monetary Fund and currently European Studies Centre Visiting Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford – shares his views on the first provocation. Understanding the challenges of corporate taxation in a digitized, globalized economy is one of the key focus areas for the Responsible Tax project in 2019. An initial...

14 Aug 2019
2 min
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Talking Tax, not Trust in Dublin

In a recent Opinion piece, KPMG Global Head of Tax, Jane McCormick, and Robert Phillips, author of Trust Me, PR is Dead, argued that tax can be seen as part of the remedy, not part of the problem to the issue of trust. “Responsible Tax thinking and principles”, they write, “enable an important re-set of the social compact, that will,...

10 Jul 2019
8 min