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Tax Policy Considerations in the Wake of COVID-19

Response from Ewan Livingston, The B Team, February 2021

12 Mar 2021
2 min
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Why Global Responsible Tax in a Time of Long Economic COVID

We live in extraordinary times. A health pandemic has exposed a number of fault lines in society that many will say existed and needed to be exposed, including, an inequality of wealth and opportunity, the resilience of our institutions, the intergenerational transfer of wealth (in particular will our children enjoy an increased standard of living or are we burdening that...

02 Mar 2021
3 min
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New publication explores KPMG’s commitment to an ESG-focused recovery

Since the beginning of 2020, and despite the tremendous challenges faced since then, organizations globally have been given the chance to reset, rethink and reshape how to make a positive impact on the world around us, with KPMG firms being no exception.

08 Feb 2021
1 min
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New publication explores perspectives on tax policy for the new reality

Introducing Tax policy considerations in the wake of COVID-19 – a summary of Responsible Tax roundtable discussions on potential tax policy responses to the new reality.

18 Dec 2020
2 min
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Taxing residential land and property to drive the COVID-19 recovery

Authors: Peter Beckett, Tax Partner, KPMG in the UK and James Bryan, Senior Tax Partner, KPMG in the UK 

14 Oct 2020
15 min
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Leading with purpose in a time of crisis

How businesses conduct themselves during this period will make or break public perception of organizations for years to come

29 Sep 2020
3 min
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Wealth taxes to fuel the COVID-19 recovery

While there were differing views about the respective merits of net wealth taxes versus gift or estate and inheritance taxes and the need for specific exemptions from such taxes, participants generally agreed that it would be more efficient for tax systems to seek to treat capital income on a more equal footing with earned income and then, generally, either tax...

27 Aug 2020
9 min
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Raising tax revenues in pursuit of economic recovery

A broad spectrum of stakeholders had differing views and placed different emphasis on how governments could raise revenue, where necessary, in the wake of the economic situation resulting from COVID-19. There was broad acceptance that progressivity in income taxes could be increased – possibly through a temporary solidarity surcharge. Tax rates on short term capital returns could be increased to...

19 Aug 2020
11 min
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EU stimulus measures in a post-COVID world

No pressure to reduce corporation tax rates generally; any cost based incentives should be targeted, temporary and timely; multilateral approaches and cooperation are needed to avoid adverse spill overs, tax competition and a growth in compliance and double taxation. There is support of the work of the OECD on Pillars 1 and 2 as well as for a European common...

10 Aug 2020
11 min
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Post-COVID stimulus measures in Africa and the ASPAC region

On 14 July KPMG International and Jericho Chambers sponsored the second in a series of roundtables on tax policy responses to COVID-19. 

10 Aug 2020
6 min
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Why responsible business is key

How we manage through this period will define how we come out of it

23 Jun 2020
3 min
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Tax after COVID-19: An opportunity to build back better?

The COVID-19 timeline

17 Jun 2020
3 min
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What short-term actions will governments take to address challenges arising from COVID-19?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: Reaction and resilience

21 May 2020
8 min
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What tax policy measures will support economies post-COVID-19?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: The recovery phase

21 May 2020
6 min
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How will COVID-19 impact the long-term issues for tax policy?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: The new reality

21 May 2020
9 min
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Who pays and how?

Amid the current economic climate, it is clear that we need to think-through the implications for tax and the Global Responsible Tax Project (GRTP) of COVID-19.

01 May 2020
1 min
Image of Business life after COVID-19: Who pays and how?

Business life after COVID-19: Who pays and how?

A Global Responsible Tax Response Tread Carefully. Don’t Rush To Tax. There is a Better Future.

30 Apr 2020
2 min