As the world becomes more interconnected, discussion about who pays tax, how and when is likely to intensify. This is not easy terrain.

Tax globalization

In speaking with my fellow leaders around the KPMG network, it became clear that we need a sustained, inclusive and coherent discussion about the key the issues that are affecting and shaping globalization and taxation.

Tax is a global reality, and today, it demands both a global conversation and, where appropriate, global action.

The Global Reposible Tax Project

The KPMG Global Responsible Tax Project invites the full range of stakeholders, including taxpayers, academia, media, government, global bodies, politicians, NGOs and tax professionals, to inform thinking on what responsible tax behavior looks like in a global context. It is vital to hear as many views from as many places as possible. By driving an inclusive discussion, all stakeholders can contribute to responsible global tax behavior, action and advice.

The project is based on the successful Responsible Tax for the Common Good initiative in the United Kingdom. For KPMG in the UK, a largely conventional and defensive approach to stakeholder engagement and communications around tax and tax policy was not working. To openly confront tensions surrounding the UK tax conversation, KPMG recognised the need for radical, new forms of engagement, substantive action and more meaningful approaches to policy. And thus, the Responsible Tax program was born.

The goal of this global initiative is to start to reveal a shared understanding of how responsible tax at an international level works across corporations and tax jurisdictions, and for both advanced and emerging economies. To facilitate this journey, the Global Responsible Tax Project will undertake the following initiatives:

  • We will hold a series of high level roundtable meetings across the globe to discuss all the relevant issues about the desirability and feasibility of a global responsible tax
  • We will continue to enhance and facilitate an online conversation through this website
  • Over time we will build a new community of all stakeholders who the common objectives of the Global Responsible Tax Project
  • As the discussion unfolds, we will contribute to the journey from policy to implementation and practice
  • We will establish a Steering Committee of senior leaders across the spectrum of stakeholders engaged in and benefiting from a transparent and responsible global tax community.

In invitation

We hope you will join us on this journey towards more responsible tax by posting comments on the site, contributing blogs and participating in interviews and discussions.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, comments or queries about the project.