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Tax Policy Considerations in the Wake of COVID-19

Response from Ewan Livingston, The B Team, February 2021

12 Mar 2021
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New publication explores perspectives on tax policy for the new reality

Introducing Tax policy considerations in the wake of COVID-19 – a summary of Responsible Tax roundtable discussions on potential tax policy responses to the new reality.

18 Dec 2020
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Who pays and how?

Amid the current economic climate, it is clear that we need to think-through the implications for tax and the Global Responsible Tax Project (GRTP) of COVID-19.

01 May 2020
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Responsible Tax – the story so far

Creating a global dialogue on responsible tax, with a new consensus emerging.

23 Sep 2019
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The perfect storm for tax

In the era of of technology and globalization, the belief that tax is a social contract is under pressure. The world is searching for the answer to the question of “whether tax is a legal or an ethical issue”. According to Chris Morgan, Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG International, the discussion on tax will continue increasingly and take on...

15 May 2018
5 min
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The Purpose of Tax: Why celebrating the common good builds trust

“Bad” behaviour on tax, prosecuted by both state actors and major corporations, is frequently cited as one of the main reasons for the erosion of public trust in government and, more specifically, business. 

17 Jul 2017
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What is Responsible Tax?

Tax will always create a lively debate and differences of opinion. What is the philosophical basis of tax? Who should pay and how much? Is it just about state finance or does it involve redistribution, correcting market failures and changing behavior? Is there such thing as a ‘fair’ amount of tax? Is tax just legal or does it have an...

12 Jan 2017
3 min
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Case Study: Re-thinking purpose and policy on a highly contentious societal issue

Responsible Tax for the Common Good KPMG and Jericho Chambers

11 Jan 2017
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Mr Trump's tax policies

As I’ve been reflecting on the election of Donald Trump to United States (US) President, I have been thinking about what the tax policies of the US President-Elect could mean for the US and globally.

28 Dec 2016
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