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Making Carbon Border Adjustment proposals WTO-compliant

KPMG’s Global Responsible Tax Project recently held a roundtable in collaboration with KPMG IMPACT, to look at the technical difficulties of designing a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

25 Mar 2021
1 min
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Going green: Driving investments with multi-lateral organizations

While the “carrot” of tax incentives may be useful to drive, or even kick start investment into new technology or regions, the recent roundtable discussion confirmed they are not the key issue in unlocking green investment. Similarly, while environmental taxes and reducing fossil fuel subsidies can help redirect investment into green projects, there are already many investors willing to fund...

26 Oct 2020
9 min
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Going green: Economic recovery through the lens of an asset manager

Tax incentives can play a potentially important role in encouraging green investment, but must be transparent and clearly linked to environmental benefits. There is a need to broaden the base of investors which is likely to require mechanisms to reduce risk – for example through blended finance projects. Obtaining tax certainty, especially over the treatment of structures which require intermediate...

10 Sep 2020
7 min
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Wealth taxes to fuel the COVID-19 recovery

While there were differing views about the respective merits of net wealth taxes versus gift or estate and inheritance taxes and the need for specific exemptions from such taxes, participants generally agreed that it would be more efficient for tax systems to seek to treat capital income on a more equal footing with earned income and then, generally, either tax...

27 Aug 2020
9 min
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Going green: An institutional investors take on a green recovery

Institutional investors agreed that generally, certainty over the tax cost or duration of any incentives was more important in the investment decision than the actual tax cost. Nevertheless, reducing the tax cost on inward investment and providing transferable research and development credits would encourage investment into green projects – as would reducing current subsidies for fossil fuels. Overall tax risk...

13 Aug 2020
10 min
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EU stimulus measures in a post-COVID world

No pressure to reduce corporation tax rates generally; any cost based incentives should be targeted, temporary and timely; multilateral approaches and cooperation are needed to avoid adverse spill overs, tax competition and a growth in compliance and double taxation. There is support of the work of the OECD on Pillars 1 and 2 as well as for a European common...

10 Aug 2020
11 min
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Why responsible business is key

How we manage through this period will define how we come out of it

23 Jun 2020
3 min
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Tax after COVID-19: An opportunity to build back better?

The COVID-19 timeline

17 Jun 2020
3 min
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How will COVID-19 impact the long-term issues for tax policy?

Virtual Responsible Tax roundtable: The new reality

21 May 2020
9 min
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Roundtable on the digitalization of the economy and the future of corporation tax

On 20 June 2019 a roundtable was held in London with a group of tax directors to discuss the digitalization of the economy, the future of corporation tax and the proposals being debated by the OECD Inclusive Framework.

12 Sep 2019
5 min
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Brussels Round Table on the Future of Corporation Tax

New and big pressures are building that are going to force change on the global tax system. There are many concerns: growing inequality within countries and the shift of income away from labour to capital which has occurred over the last 50 years; aging populations; how best to tackle climate change; more generally, how to finance the UN Sustainable Development...

02 Aug 2019
11 min
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Note of roundtable on the future of corporation tax in Nairobi on 15 March 2019

A roundtable on the future of corporation tax and the OECD’s consultation on the impact of digitalization was held in Nairobi on 15 March 2019. The clients attending were from a range of industries including banking, private equity, oil and gas, and logistics.A theme which emerged was that renegotiating the global accord on international tax is not the highest priority...

04 Apr 2019
5 min
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Tax as a force for good: Rebalancing our tax systems to support a global economy fit for the future

On 27 February 2019 I attended a seminar organized by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in Brussels, entitled “Tax as a force for good: Rebalancing our tax systems to support a global economy fit for the future.” The seminar discussed a report produced by ACCA of the same name. The thesis of the report is that the foundations...

27 Mar 2019
2 min
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Comments on OECD Public Consultation Document on Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalized Economy

Professionals in the member firms of KPMG International1  (“KPMG”) welcome the opportunity to comment on the OECD’s public consultation document entitled “Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Economy,” released on 13 February 2019 (the “Consultation Document”). The Consultation Document describes proposals that are being worked on through the Task Force on the Digital Economy (the “Task Force”)...

08 Mar 2019
1 min
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The future of capital taxation

Without effectively taxing financial transactions, the inequality gap will continue to widen.— Without effective taxes on capital, extreme concentrations in wealth occur.— The trading of derivatives was originally conceived to help mitigate future risks on crops and homes by locking in prices or expunging obligations. It has now become a speculative market.— Modernizing the UK’s stamp duty on shares —...

13 Dec 2018
4 min
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The Role of Responsible Tax Side Event during the Platform for Collaboration on Tax conference “Taxation and SDGs” New York 14-16 February 2018

During the first conference of the Platform for collaboration Tax, “Taxation and SDGs” (the UN Sustainable Development Goals), held in New York, 14 16 February 14-16, 2018 KPMG hosted a side event entitled The Role of Responsible Tax. 

28 Feb 2018
5 min
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Different ills require different remedies – is this true of avoidance and evasion?

Is it more important to change tax laws or behaviours? What role do we all have to play?The third in the series of global Roundtables took place in Amsterdam on September 25 2017, with sixteen senior representatives from the worlds of politics & policy, media, NGOs, academia, corporations and (tax) advisory.

30 Oct 2017
10 min