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Why responsible business is key

How we manage through this period will define how we come out of it

23 Jun 2020
3 min
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Tax as a force for good: Rebalancing our tax systems to support a global economy fit for the future

On 27 February 2019 I attended a seminar organized by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in Brussels, entitled “Tax as a force for good: Rebalancing our tax systems to support a global economy fit for the future.” The seminar discussed a report produced by ACCA of the same name. The thesis of the report is that the foundations...

27 Mar 2019
2 min
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Comments on OECD Public Consultation Document on Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalized Economy

Professionals in the member firms of KPMG International1  (“KPMG”) welcome the opportunity to comment on the OECD’s public consultation document entitled “Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Economy,” released on 13 February 2019 (the “Consultation Document”). The Consultation Document describes proposals that are being worked on through the Task Force on the Digital Economy (the “Task Force”)...

08 Mar 2019
1 min
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The future of capital taxation

Without effectively taxing financial transactions, the inequality gap will continue to widen.— Without effective taxes on capital, extreme concentrations in wealth occur.— The trading of derivatives was originally conceived to help mitigate future risks on crops and homes by locking in prices or expunging obligations. It has now become a speculative market.— Modernizing the UK’s stamp duty on shares —...

13 Dec 2018
4 min