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Comments on OECD Public Consultation Document Reports on the Pillar One and Pillar Two Blueprints

21 Dec 2020
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Taxation of the digitalized economy: an EU perspective

The 2008 financial crisis and the issue of fairness

07 Nov 2019
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Comments on OECD Public Consultation Document on Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalized Economy

Professionals in the member firms of KPMG International1  (“KPMG”) welcome the opportunity to comment on the OECD’s public consultation document entitled “Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Economy,” released on 13 February 2019 (the “Consultation Document”). The Consultation Document describes proposals that are being worked on through the Task Force on the Digital Economy (the “Task Force”)...

08 Mar 2019
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Splitting the riches - towards a fairer future for global taxation

A fairer future for global taxation 

22 Oct 2018
4 min
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What to tax? A simple question requiring many answers

Tax systems have evolved a great deal over time in response to evolving economic and social conditions, but when we consider how different the world looks today from the time taxation first entered into our daily vocabulary, we need to ask: have tax systems really kept pace with the transformation we’ve seen in other aspects of our lives? 

23 May 2018
2 min
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Platform for Collaboration on Tax Conference on Taxation and SDGs

Last week, from 14 to 16 February I had the pleasure to attend the first conference organised by the Platform for Collaboration on Tax 1. The conference focused on the role of raising tax in order to finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was attended by 450 delegates including finance ministers and officials, tax commissioners and members of revenue...

21 Feb 2018
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KPMG Comment letter to the European Commission: Fair taxation of the digital economy

The impact of digitalisation on international tax principles and domestic tax bases is a global issue, and it is important that the EU has a clear and unified position. We also believe the EU should be pushing for a globally agreed and consistent response.

05 Jan 2018
16 min
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Rising inequality and the future of capital taxation

An interview with Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

08 Dec 2017
7 min
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In 2017 low tax demands high social value

The trend for low tax rates to stimulate corporate behaviour is likely to be accelerated in 2017. A US administration that wants to use low tax rates to “re-patriot” cash and investment will add fuel to the fire of global tax competition that will put the laudable BEPS initiatives into the shade. That does not mean that they are conflicting...

20 Feb 2017
2 min
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Rapid change, rapid response: perspectives on BEPS across Europe

A whirlwind of international tax change has swept the globe in the past year, and in Europe especially, there is no end in sight. European governments have all committed to end BEPS and have eagerly implemented large parts of the OECD BEPS proposals in the past year. #BEPS

05 Jan 2017
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Mr Trump's tax policies

As I’ve been reflecting on the election of Donald Trump to United States (US) President, I have been thinking about what the tax policies of the US President-Elect could mean for the US and globally.

28 Dec 2016
5 min
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Shifting the rules - the transformative effect of the BEPS project on tax loopholes

The BEPS project has done a great deal to shine a light on the risks associated with tax loopholes. The results are nothing short of transformational, according to Jane McCormick, Global Head of Tax, KPMG

21 Dec 2016
5 min