Sara Jespersen

Policy Advisor

Oxfam IBIS

Sara Jespersen is a policy advisor for Oxfam IBIS in Denmark since 2014, where she has initiated and run The Tax Dialogue on corporate responsibility. Prior to this she worked as a senior policy analyst and European advisor for international development NGOs in Brussels, Belgium. She also has experience from working at the European Commission on development aid and the private sector. She holds a bachelor degree in Development Studies from London Metropolitan University and a Master’s degree in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges.

Sara Jespersen's content

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Responsible corporate tax governance and action

8 men own the same wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population. Extreme inequality is out of control and without tackling it we will not end poverty. We need to move to a human economy that is built on cooperation and more redistributive policies, especially fairer tax systems. Because taxation is without a doubt the most sustainable form...

28 Feb 2017
3 min

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