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Tax Justice – a tax advisor’s view

Paper for #Nairobi Conference on Improving Domestic Resource Mobilization and Stemming Illicit Financial Flow, Tax Justice for Promoting Equality and Social Justice, March 12-14 2019. All views expressed are the author’s own.The purpose of this paper is to help promote a fruitful discussion between civil society and business about the limits of tax #planning and the meaning of tax...

12 Mar 2019
7 min
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Developing Thinking on Responsible Tax

As Copenhagen Business School’s Brooke Harrington points out, in a world where 0.7% of the global population owns 41% of its total assets, it is difficult to argue without reproach that the current global economic system is working fairly and well for all. There is growing agreement that the status quo is not sustainable. As a tax professional I firmly...

20 Jan 2017
8 min