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Comments on the EU’s Inception Impact Assessment on a potential Digital Levy

Authors: Robert van der Jagt, Chairman, KPMG’s EU Tax Centre, and Chris Morgan Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG International

02 Mar 2021
7 min
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An inquiry into the future of corporate taxation in an era of digitization

In this article, Stella Raventós-Calvo, Chair of The Fiscal Committee – shares her views on the first provocation. Understanding the challenges of corporate taxation in a digitized, globalized economy is one of the key focus areas for the Responsible Tax project in 2019. An initial provocation was published in the Spring and a Think Piece is scheduled for the autumn....

14 Aug 2019
9 min
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Digitalization and the future of corporation tax in Latin America

On Monday 12 November 2018, following the KPMG client conference for the Latin America region, a roundtable was held in Mexico with a group of conference delegates. The theme was digitalisation and the future of corporation tax.The delegates represented a variety of industries from financial services to consumer products, data management and internet sales.

16 Jan 2019
3 min
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How do tax leaders think digital challenges should be addressed? New poll

The proliferation of digitization in business raises new questions for tax leaders, not only amongst those leading tax departments in traditionally digital companies, but also across businesses and sectors that have incorporated digital solutions into some aspect of their service delivery or operations—from banks to insurance companies to car manufacturers and beyond. 

07 Nov 2018
3 min
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Blockchain tokens and data valuation

Aligning profit attribution and value creation

30 Oct 2018
4 min
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Rome roundtable on digitalization and the future of corporation tax

In late September 2018 a roundtable was held on the subject of the impact of digitalisation and whether or not corporation tax is fit for purpose in the 21st-century. The meeting was held directly after the KPMG European region Tax Summit in Rome and so the opportunity was taken to focus on tax leaders in attendance rather than to extend...

05 Oct 2018
7 min
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Optimism around tax and the impact of digitalization at Responsible Tax Roundtable in Paris

The impact of digitalization on tax regimes globally is one of the key topics in the tax world today. At the start of March the OECD published its Interim Report to the G20 – “Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalisation” – and this shows the extent of disagreement between countries, except on the need for further work to be done. On...

25 Jul 2018
6 min
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KPMG Comment letter to the European Commission: Fair taxation of the digital economy

The impact of digitalisation on international tax principles and domestic tax bases is a global issue, and it is important that the EU has a clear and unified position. We also believe the EU should be pushing for a globally agreed and consistent response.

05 Jan 2018
16 min
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Making tax digital

The phrase “making tax digital” is the title of an initiative by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK to digitise tax compliance for small businesses and individuals. This initiative has resulted in some controversy, particularly in relation to the additional cost it will, at least in the short term, impose on taxpayers as they adapt to the new...

02 Mar 2017
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