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From principles to movement: Encouraging signs for a #ResponsibleTax future

I am very pleased to see real momentum building on #ResponsibleTax. 

16 Feb 2018
2 min
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Responsible Tax and the Developing World

The focus on the complexities of tax in the developing world prompted some deep and progressive thinking on the essence of taxation and how it contributes to the “common good”.  #responsibletax #developingworld

09 Feb 2018
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Nigeria’s Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme and Responsible Tax

As the movement to Responsible Tax gains momentum around the world, countries are introducing core principles into local policy. Read Wole Obayomi’s perspective on how the thinking – and implementation - is evolving in Nigeria.

26 Jan 2018
8 min
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Responsible Tax and the Developing World: Is tax a fundamental human right?

Taxes are the price we pay for civilised society

11 Dec 2017
2 min
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Rising inequality and the future of capital taxation

An interview with Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

08 Dec 2017
7 min
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Responsible Corporate Tax Practice - The need for better collaboration between business and civil society

Over the past decade, seldom has a month gone by without the subject of corporate tax avoidance making headlines.

24 Aug 2017
4 min
Image of Responsible Tax and the Developing World

Responsible Tax and the Developing World

KPMG in the UK, in cooperation with Jericho Chambers, piloted the Responsible Tax project in 2015/16 when it became clear new approaches would be needed to find new ways forward on tax1. KPMG International has since then developed the project into a global initiative. This is a summary of the second in a series of high-level global roundtables that will...

17 May 2017
13 min