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Responsible tax and transparency

Carl Dolan, Director, Transparency International discusses his views on responsible tax and transparency.

13 Apr 2021
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The Global Responsible Tax Project, Tax and trust

In her article on the challenges facing public trust in our global tax system, in which specific criticism is levelled at the UK’s Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, Dame Margaret Hodge conflates two distinct issues – tax transparency and publicly accessible registers of company beneficial ownership.

22 Nov 2019
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Tax and trust

It is often said these days that there is a crisis of trust. Whether that’s a crisis of trust in our media, in our politics, or in our institutions. We at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Responsible Tax have likewise been concerned about trustworthiness, specifically in the context of tax.

14 Aug 2019
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Talk Tax, not Trust

“Trust” — in business and politics — has been spoken about and even over explained to the point of exhaustion. We have written elsewhere that the so-called crisis of trust is in fact a crisis of leadership — with “trust” often used as an easy proxy for anything and everything that goes wrong and the response being “to re-build it”.But...

15 Apr 2019
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Image of Your advice for Nordic companies in a taxation world of regulation and declining trust?

Your advice for Nordic companies in a taxation world of regulation and declining trust?

Soren Dalby, Tax Partner, KPMG Acor Tax provides guidance to Nordic companies in a taxation world of regulation and declining trust. #responsibletax #trust #nordiccountries

09 Feb 2018
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The Purpose of Tax: Why celebrating the common good builds trust

“Bad” behaviour on tax, prosecuted by both state actors and major corporations, is frequently cited as one of the main reasons for the erosion of public trust in government and, more specifically, business. 

17 Jul 2017
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Responsible Tax: Developing Trust

The speed of change within the transparency area is unprecedented and new disclosure requirements, new cooperative compliance schemes and new anti-avoidance legislation are introduced all over the world. The increasing number of legislational changes puts significant administrative challenges on both companies and tax authorities. Rebuilding trust in multinationals, in the tax systems and in the authorities' ability to collect the...

09 Jul 2017
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Trust - why building transparency is critical to Responsible Tax

Trust me; I’m a tax advisor Trust has long been associated with currency when we refer to “earning” one’s trust. In today’s landscape, the role (and value) of trust as currency is more prevalent and powerful than ever.

03 Jan 2017
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