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The perfect storm for tax

In the era of of technology and globalization, the belief that tax is a social contract is under pressure. The world is searching for the answer to the question of “whether tax is a legal or an ethical issue”. According to Chris Morgan, Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG International, the discussion on tax will continue increasingly and take on...

15 May 2018
5 min
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Different ills require different remedies – is this true of avoidance and evasion?

Is it more important to change tax laws or behaviours? What role do we all have to play?The third in the series of global Roundtables took place in Amsterdam on September 25 2017, with sixteen senior representatives from the worlds of politics & policy, media, NGOs, academia, corporations and (tax) advisory.

30 Oct 2017
10 min
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Transparency, Truth and Trust

When we started the Responsible Tax project I characterised the tax debate as being “men on Mountaintops with Megaphones” – people shouting views from their supposed positions on the moral or intellectual high ground with little or no constructive dialogue. 

31 Jul 2017
5 min
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Principles Matter

In a coffee shop, the other day, I overheard a mother and her teenaged daughter speaking. The mother asked her daughter why she was no longer eating meat, and the daughter said, simply, “Because I have principles.”

11 Jan 2017
1 min