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Note of roundtable on the future of corporation tax in Cape Town - 25 March 2019

The latest in a series of roundtables was held in Cape Town on 25 March which looked at the challenges in the global tax system, specifically in relation to corporation tax and whether the current system is fit for purpose in 21st century Africa. The attendees at the roundtable included clients from a number of different sectors, tax authority and...

15 Apr 2019
9 min
Image of Responsible Tax and the Developing World

Responsible Tax and the Developing World

KPMG in the UK, in cooperation with Jericho Chambers, piloted the Responsible Tax project in 2015/16 when it became clear new approaches would be needed to find new ways forward on tax1. KPMG International has since then developed the project into a global initiative. This is a summary of the second in a series of high-level global roundtables that will...

17 May 2017
13 min