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Discussion: OECD and KPMG discuss the complexities of tax morality

Grace Perez-Navarro, deputy director of the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, and Jane McCormick, Global Head of Tax & Legal Services, KPMG International, discuss what it means to be ‘morally’ tax compliant.

01 May 2020
9 min
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Principles for a Responsible Tax Practice

Principles for a Responsible Tax Practice bring to life KPMG's values and Global Code of Conduct in a way that is meaningful for the every-day situations we face as tax professionals.

11 Jan 2017
1 min
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Case Study: Re-thinking purpose and policy on a highly contentious societal issue

Responsible Tax for the Common Good KPMG and Jericho Chambers

11 Jan 2017
3 min
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Trust - why building transparency is critical to Responsible Tax

Trust me; I’m a tax advisor Trust has long been associated with currency when we refer to “earning” one’s trust. In today’s landscape, the role (and value) of trust as currency is more prevalent and powerful than ever.

03 Jan 2017
2 min