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Platform for Collaboration on Tax Conference on Taxation and SDGs

Last week, from 14 to 16 February I had the pleasure to attend the first conference organised by the Platform for Collaboration on Tax 1. The conference focused on the role of raising tax in order to finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was attended by 450 delegates including finance ministers and officials, tax commissioners and members of revenue...

21 Feb 2018
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Responsible Corporate Tax Practice - The need for better collaboration between business and civil society

Over the past decade, seldom has a month gone by without the subject of corporate tax avoidance making headlines.

24 Aug 2017
4 min
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Responsible Tax: Developing Trust

The speed of change within the transparency area is unprecedented and new disclosure requirements, new cooperative compliance schemes and new anti-avoidance legislation are introduced all over the world. The increasing number of legislational changes puts significant administrative challenges on both companies and tax authorities. Rebuilding trust in multinationals, in the tax systems and in the authorities' ability to collect the...

09 Jul 2017
2 min